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The Drawing Boards - 8.8" The Unalome - Green

The Drawing Boards - 8.8" The Unalome - Green

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The Unalome Deck - Green by The Drawing Boards.

The Unalome.

Represents each person’s journey through life as they discover their own path to freedom. It refers to the dot or curl between Buddha’s eyebrows, the ‘urna’ or third eye.

The symbol itself is made up of 3 main parts: the base spiral representing birth and the beginning of spiritual awakening. The starting point with its initial confusion as each person finds their way and moves along the winding path.

The central spiral maps the direction. The obstacles, challenges and loops which become less and less influential as more awareness is gained. Nothing is linear, a reminder to explore and respond to the ever changing and complimentary polarities.

The final part is a straight line, literally coming into alignment with one’s purpose, inner truth and wisdom. Finishing with the 3 dots of total liberation, free from all entanglements which represents enlightenment.

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When building a complete, you'll need a Deck, Trucks, Wheels, Bearings and Bolts. Simply add one of each to your cart and let us know in the comments/notes area in the checkout if you want us to build it for you. And don't worry too much if this is your first set up. We will always let you know if something doesn't seem quite right.