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All the bearings we sell will give you a suitable speed standard, although you may find certain brands last longer for your skating style. OK bearings start at around £5 and will get you going, whereas quality/fast bearings tend to begin at around £15, and then anything over £50 will benefit those who know every inch of their local park/terrain and want to get that bit higher/faster that makes all the difference to an experienced skateboarder. Top sellers are Bones, Bronson and Spitfire Bearings.

When building a complete, you'll need a Deck, Trucks, Wheels, Bearings and Bolts. Simply add one of each to your cart and let us know in the comments/notes area in the checkout if you want us to build it for you. And don't worry too much if this is your first set up. We will always let you know if something doesn't seem quite right.