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What size should I buy

For first-time skateboard builders/ buyers, we recommend an average size with average components. It makes sense to buy a slightly smaller skateboard for smaller people. Still, then again, we see taller people riding smaller-than-average skateboards and shorter people riding bigger-than-average skateboards, so ultimately, the choice is down to you and your opinion as to whether you would benefit from a smaller/ lighter skateboard that may be easier for tricks or a bigger/ heavier board for improved stability (more standing area). It all depends on how you want or can use it. A wider board (around 9-10") is better for cruising around on, and softer wheels work very well for that smooth, fast ride on rougher terrain.

In contrast, a smaller/ narrower skateboard with harder wheels will be helpful for tricks and will also slide much better on ledges. They will also be faster on smooth skatepark surfaces.

All this being said many technical riders skate larger than average-sized skateboards, so we suggest you go average and set your fine-tuned preferences in the future. Average sizes are usually around 8"-8.25, but a younger rider under 12 may benefit from around 7.75-8" or a four-year-old would suit a mini skateboard.

Average wheel sizes are around 52-54mm (diameter) and 99a(hardness).

You should buy trucks that match the width of your deck. Our guides in the products and filters should make this easy for you.

Either way, they are all skateboard size, so relax and get one you like the look of whilst not going too big or too small.

If you need further technical advice, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Choosing a Deck

Decks are measured in width and in inches. Popular deck sizes are 7.75", 8", 8.25", 8.5" and they go about an inch wider and narrower than these. Kids tend to be better off with 8" or smaller, but that being said most decks are about the same length at around 32" long so there's not a great deal in a quarter of an inch until the user has been skating for a while where the slightest difference can make the world of difference. We suggest you go middle of the road and get one you like the look of as itll take some time before you'll figure out what works best for you anyway.

Choosing Trucks

Choosing your trucks can be tricky, considering how wheel widths can change matters during assembly, but to make this easier, we have a 'Truck Size' filter where you can select the nearest size to your chosen deck width. When you select your truck size, this will reveal all the trucks that should work well with your deck size. If during assembly, we are not happy, we will contact you to make sure we get it right for you.

Choosing Wheels

Skateboard wheels are measured in diameter. Our most popular sizes are between 52, 53 and 54mm. Trends and preferences can require wheels as small as 45mm and as big as 60mm or more. Beware of larger wheels when buying a complete, as you will need to consider Truck Risers to avoid wheel bite and longer truck bolts (1 1/4" - 1 1/2") to enable the truck risers to be fitted. Skateboard wheels come in various hardnesses but the best selling is generally 99a or 101a. These wheels will be super fast on smooth surfaces and will definitely slide and help with ledge tricks, whereas softer wheels will become grippy and smoother on rough terrain. Filmers also use softer wheels so you cannot hear the filmer's wheels as they skate alongside the subject being filmed.

Choosing Bearings

All the bearings we sell will give youa suitablespeed standard, although you may find certain brands last longer for your skating style. OK bearings start at around £5 and will get you going, whereas quality/fast bearings tend to begin at around £15, and then anything over £50 will benefit those who know every inch of their local park/terrain and want to get that bit higher/faster that makes all the difference to an experienced skateboarder. Top sellers are Bones, Bronson and Spitfire Bearings.

Choosing Truck Bolts

If your wheels are under 56mm, you shouldn't need truck risers, so you might as well opt for shorter bolts like 7/8" or 1" bolts. If you have risers because your wheels are bigger, you'll probably need 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" depending on the thickness of your risers.

You may also want

Custom Griptape, Risers, Rails, Bushings or other parts

Extra Help?

Custom Griptape

Choose any grip of your choice. Standard sheets of grip are 9' wide so look out if you're buying a cruiser deck. You'll have to either select our wider options or consider a custom grip job. We are happy to do custom grip fitting (grip job) if you can explain clearly what you would like in the comments section of the checkout.

Truck Risers

Truck Risers, also known as riser pads, enable skateboards to use larger wheel sizes, such as 56mm and above. They provide extra clearance between the wheels and the deck to avoid wheel bite, which is when your wheels bite the deck during tight/harsh turning. Look out, because if you buy risers, you'll need longer truck bolts!

Skateboard Rails

Skateboard rails are great for preserving your deck whilst stabilising longer and more controlled board slides. They help with certain tricks like shifting from a board slide to feeble, smith or hurricane. They add weight to your board but provide a great, fun experience, all down to your personal preference.

Truck Bushings

Truck Bushings are the rubber parts in your trucks that enable your truck to turn and spring back into place. The perfect hardness of your truck bushings is controlled by how much you tighten the nut on your kingpin or how hard your truck bushings are/or both. Most trucks come fitted with an average hardness, but if you prefer a really loose truck you may prefer extra soft truck cushions or if you want a tighter ride with less turn you would opt for harder truck bushings.

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