Collection: Truck Bushings

Truck Bushings are the rubber parts in your trucks that enable your truck to turn and spring back in to place. The perfect hardness of your truck bushings is controlled by how much you tighten the nut on your kingpin or how hard your truck bushings are/or both. Most trucks come fitted with an average hardness, but if you prefer really loose truck yo may prefer extra soft truck cushions or if you want a tighter ride with less turn you would opt for harder truck bushings.

When building a complete, you'll need a Deck, Trucks, Wheels, Bearings and Bolts. Simply add one of each to your cart and let us know in the comments/notes area in the checkout if you want us to build it for you. And don't worry too much if this is your first set up. We will always let you know if something doesn't seem quite right.