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Opening Times & Prices

Free Parking

We have a small car park outside the main reception on 23 Commercial Road. We also have a rear car parking area. In general, you can always pull up in our main reception car park to drop off or visit the shop, where you can expect everyone to be cool if you are blocking anyone in. We can also show you where our rear spaces are and other parking options when we are exceptionally busy. Essentially, you can rock up, and we will help you if you cannot find a good parking space.

New faces are always welcome

If this is the first time, the first thing to know is that we will do all we can to make you feel valued and welcome, no matter your age, ability or background. You should come down for a free tour and introduction to who we are and what we do. You'll soon see there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

Please note:

  • If you are under 16 we will need your parent/guardian to register you and sign the necessary forms.
  • Under 10s must be accompanied by an adult.

Skatepark Questions & Answers

Can I just turn up on the day for a session / Do we have to book to use the Skatepark?

Ideally, you can book, but it is possible to pay at the door if we still have space. We strongly recommend you book for all weekend clubs which tend to be popular.

Can I/ we pay with cash at the door?

Yes, you can, but you cannot reserve your space online and pay for it at the door. Booking online is advance advised to avoid disappointment

Do I need to fill in the admission form every time?

Yes- every time you book a session, a new disclaimer form needs to be completed for each participant. This is done automatically via the booking system for the participants. Parents will also need to sign our disclaimer, which can be done at the door as parents are not considered participants.

How old does my child need to be to be left unattended?

A parent / Guardian must be on site if your child is under 10. This age restriction may be changed during special events.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

We strongly recommend everyone should wear full protective equipment at all times. However, it is only compulsory for under 16's.

Do you hire safety equipment?

We currently offer helmet hire for £3 per person. We also have limited availability of scooters and skateboards - Please call to confirm.

What can we ride in the skatepark?

Skateboards/scooters / BMX's / in-line skates/roller skates - No motor-driven rides allowed or 3-wheeled scooters.

What is the minimum age my kids can come into the skatepark?

Our minimum participant age restriction is four years old; however, we advise that you ensure young participants are fully competent and comfortable and use the skatepark for its intended use, as you should not go the ramps with them. We advise our younger or inexperienced riders to attend a beginner's or under 13s session. We have skate and scoot clubs on weekends (check the timetable for more information).

Is there somewhere I can watch?


Do you have cafe facilities on site?


Private Hire

Private Hire the entire skatepark on any Saturday or Sunday;

17:15-19:00 = £150

19:15-21:00 = £150

Visit our private hire page for more information.

You can bring your food or order some takeaway pizzas - it’s all yours and entirely up to you! 

We also have an awesome cafe on site that you can pre-arrange for us to do the food. 


When you privately hire the skatepark, we can provide you with our on-site cafe for all your catering needs, or you can bring your own food & drinks. 

If you would like the benefit of our Café service, we would require a £60 deposit. The deposit works as credit towards your parties' food & drinks and enables us to staff the cafe. Alternatively, we are happy for you to bring your food & drinks, and we can lock up the cafe space.

Please note that your deposit is non-refundable. This ensures we can pay the staff to be there. Your deposit can be used towards food and drinks and we will charge you at the end of the private hire for any excess orders that take the value beyond your £60 credit/deposit. Any credit is nontransferable or refundable.

Hire Equipment

We hire Helmets, Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, Wrist Guards, Skateboards and Scooters.

You can hire our best selling Bullet Helmets and Pro-Tec knee, elbow & wrist guards anytime at Prime Skatepark. All our equipment is fully sanitised and fresh to go when you need it*.

Helmet Hire:

We use the Bullet Deluxe Helmet as our best selling helmet in-store at our skatepark since 2009, whilst being generally agreed by our customers to be the most comfortable fitting helmet. Our customers also appreciate the subtle matt finish and the fact they are not unnecessarily oversized. 

Youths OSFA - 49-54cm £3

This is our generic youths size that is for young ones with the smaller heads. 

Small/ Medium - 54-57cm £3

These are our most popular size that tend to fit 8 out of 10 young people and many adults.

Large/ X Large - 58-61cm £3

This size is very likely to fit a larger head.

  • Shell: High Density ABS Injection Moulded.
  • Liner: EPS Polystyrene / Foam.
  • Ventilation: 12 Vent cooling system.
  • Inner Padding: 3 piece removable and washable. 
Comes with two sets of lining to achieve a comfortable fit.
  • Safety Certificate: CE EN 1078 / US CPSC


Knee Pad Hire:

We use Pro-Tec as our best selling knee pads in-store at our skatepark since 2009. They are firm, flexible, whilst not being too bulky, heavy or uncomfortable, yet they cater very well for the worst of any falls.

Youths Small £3

These are our smallest pad size which fit toddlers up to around 6 year olds.

Youths Medium £3

These are our smallest pad size which tend to fit 5 - 12 year olds.

Adult Small £3

38-42cm above the knee.

Adult Medium £3

41-46cm above the knee.

Adult Large £3

45-50cm above the knee.

Adult X Large £3

47-54cm above the knee.


Elbow Pad Hire:

We use Pro-Tec as our best selling elbow pads in-store at our skatepark since 2009. They are firm, flexible and highly protective.

Youths Small £3

These are our smallest pad size which fit toddlers up to around 6 year olds.

19-22cm above the elbow.

Youths Medium £3

These are our smallest pad size which tend to fit 5 - 12 year olds.

21-24cm above the elbow.

Adult Small £3

23-28cm above the elbow.

Adult Medium £3

26-31cm above the elbow.

Adult Large £3

30-35cm above the elbow.

Adult X Large £3

33-38cm above the elbow.


Wrist Guard Hire:

We use Pro-Tec as our best selling wrist guards in-store at our skatepark since 2009, they are generally considered to be more comfortable and supportive than most other brands.

Youths Small £3

These are our smallest wrist guard size which fit toddlers up to around 6 year olds.

15-17cm around the wrist.

Youths Medium £3

These are a smaller wrist guard size which fit kids up to around 12 year olds.

17-19cm around the wrist.

Adult Small £3

19-21cm around the wrist.

Adult Medium £3

21-25cm around the wrist.

Adult Large £3

25-29cm around the wrist.

Adult X Large £3

28-32cm around the wrist.


Skateboard Hire:

We offer quality rental skateboards at Prime Skatepark (deposit required). We will help you and assess what is likely to work best for you on site.

Mini Skateboard £7

These are for the youngest, smallest rippers who would benefit from a short wheelbase/ lighter/ easier to manage skateboard.

Width: Approx 7.5".

Length: Approx 27-29".

Small Skateboard £7

These are for smaller rippers who benefit from lighter/ easier to manage skateboards but with a full size wheelbase.

Width: Approx 7.5"- 7.75".

Length: Approx 31"- 32".

Medium Skateboard £7

Average sizes tend to be 8"- 8.125" wide skateboards

Width: Approx 8"- 8.125".

Length: Approx 32".

Large Skateboard £7

A large skateboard is generally 8.25"- 8.5" wide.

Width: Approx 8.25"- 8.5".

Length: Approx 32".

X Large Skateboard £7

Average sizes tend to be 8.5" wide skateboards

Width: Approx 8.25"- 8.5".

Length: Approx 32".


Scooter Hire:

We offer quality rental scooters at Prime Skatepark (deposit may be required). We will help you and assess what is likely to work best for you on site.

Mini Scooter £7

These are for smaller riders who would benefit from a short wheelbase/ lower handlebars, whilst being generally being lighter and easier to manage.

Regular Scooter £7

Regular scooters are for all ages and abilities.

For more information or special requirements, please contact us.


*Please note:

Although we accept signs of fair wear and tear, we may require the full cost of the the goods to be recovered if we consider the damage to be due to excessive treatment or vandalism. We will also require the full cost of the goods if you lose or do not return our equipment at the end of your agreed hire period.

All our hire equipment is loaned to you at your own risk. We take all fair measures to ensure our equipment is sanitised and as safe as possible, but in the event of an accident causing injury or damage to anyones belongings, we cannot be liable for any damages or injuries caused. We therefore recommend you thoroughly check what you are hiring from Prime before you proceed with hiring our equipment.

Skateboard Tuition

Do you offer any tuition sessions?

Yes, we offer Skateboarding beginner-friendly sessions every Monday or Wednesday from 16:30-19:00.

These sessions are currently £10, including specialist coaching/instructor (s). We cater for absolute beginners and all ages from 4 years old up to around 60!

Can you turn up anytime during beginners' friendly sessions?

Yes, you can, although I would recommend coming 16:30 sharp for the skateboarding sessions so you don't miss the vital stages. Please be on time for Scooter Class If you are reasonably ok then you can certainly turn up a bit late and just get amongst it with a bit of help here and there.

Beginner-Friendly Sessions:

We offer a beginner-friendly skateboard session called “Skate Club”, which is a fun skateboard-only*, family-friendly session for under 12s and parents. This is every Saturday from 09:00-11:00.

We also offer a beginner-friendly scooter session called “Scoot Club”, which is a fun skateboard-only*, family-friendly session for under 12s and parents. This is every Sunday from 09:00-11:00.

Do you do 1:1 sessions?

1:1 sessions cost £25 per hour. Alternatively, you could bring your child to our absolute beginners class which is every Monday 4:30-7pm.

Book via

Do you hire equipment or should we bring our own?

Yes, we offer helmet hire for £2 per person and £5 for scooters. We also have up to 10 skateboards that we offer free of charge.

Please note:

UNDER 16s must wear a helmet which we also strongly advise to all users.

What should I wear?

Ideally, you will be wearing flat, grippy shoes. Tip: Avoid running shoes or thick soles, as you will have less stability and control.

Park Rules


Our general aim is to provide a positive safer environment where everyone can interact and help with each other’s self-development, fitness, and general well-being. Prime Skatepark is a place of positivity. To assist our general aims, we have a few basic park rules to make/keep Prime safer and fun for everyone.

You must be familiar with Skatepark Etiquette - LEARN HERE

  1. Everyone must always respect the staff and all other users. Bullying in any form WILL NOT be tolerated.
  2. You must ask for an induction if you are new or inexperienced.
  3. Accidents & Antisocial behaviour must be reported to staff.
  4. No food or drink is to be consumed on the ramps.
  5. Only food and drinks bought on site can be consumed on site (exceptions given for private hire).
  6. No sitting on ramps or obstructing others.
  7. You must know your limitations.
  8. Do not attempt to ride ramps or perform any manoeuvres beyond your skill level.
  9. All equipment must be in good working order with no loose parts.
  10. Any participant who uses our or their equipment does so at their own risk.
  11. No running in the skate park.
  12. Only one person may ride a ramp/obstacle at one time. Wait your turn. No queue jumping.
  13. Spectators must stay in the designated areas and not climb on ramps or enter any recognised skate areas.
  14. All under 16’s MUST wear a helmet with the chinstrap done up when using the skate park area. Failure to do so could result in removal from the session.
  15. All users must recognise the high risk of injury they are exposed to in the various sports undertaken at Prime Skatepark, which can lead to injury or death.
  16. Only one person is allowed in the foam pin at any time.

Terms & Conditions


Prime Skatepark is an ENTER-AT-OWN-RISK FACILITY

  1. Failure to follow any of the park rules may result in an immediate ban from participation and prohibition from future use without a refund.
  2. You are responsible for the equipment you are using. You must seek advice if you are unsure. Prime Skatepark accepts no responsibility for any injuries caused by unsuitable equipment. You are responsible for the equipment you bring to or borrow from Prime Skatepark, including safety equipment. Participants hiring equipment do so at their own risk. If you require a specific check on any equipment before hire, please get in touch with the Duty Manager on arrival.
  3. You are responsible for conducting an induction with our staff to discuss safety, skatepark etiquette and risks. Please request this on arrival.
  4. Prime Skatepark reserves the right to refuse entry.
  5. Bookings may only be refunded if we are informed 2 days before the booking date.
  6. Prime Skatepark operates a zero-tolerance Drugs & Alcohol Policy. Management has the right to “with cause” test visitors who consent or ask any visitor unwilling to consent to “with cause” testing to leave the premises if suspected of being under the influence or showing signs of substance abuse, which is in line with this policy.
  7. At least 1 parent / guardian must be on site if their child is under the age of 10 years old. We do not accept any responsibility for parents that leave their children unattended at any time.



Prime Skatepark is an ENTER-AT-OWN-RISK FACILITY

Prime Skatepark cannot accept any responsibility for injury caused whilst using the elements and equipment always provided that nothing in this document limits any liability which cannot legally be limited including (but not limited to) liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence.

All participants:

  1. Is aware of the risk they are exposed to during the activity and that it can lead to injury or death,
  2. Is aware and accepts the risks involved and accepts they are responsible for their actions and/or involvement,
  3. Is fit and capable of participating,
  4. Regarding participants under 16 years of age, all registration forms are countersigned by a parent or guardian.

Any participant who uses our or their equipment does so at their own risk.

Users of the skate area should know their limitations and not attempt to ride ramps or perform any manoeuvres beyond their skill level.

All equipment must be in good working order with no loose parts.
No skating anywhere not specifically designated for it.
You engage in any activities at your own risk.

There is a serious risk of injury and potential death from the activities and services offered by Prime Skatepark CIO

We strongly recommend satisfactory safety equipment to be worn by all participants, including helmets, wrist guards, and kneepads and children under the age of 16 MUST always wear a helmet.
If you engage in the activities without a protective helmet, you do so at your own risk.
You are advised that using our facilities without wearing a full set of protective gear increases the risk of personal injury and potentially death in the event of an accident.

Please note that activities at Prime Skatepark CIO are not recommended for persons with any medical issues, I.e., heart, back or neck conditions, or pregnant people. If you suffer from health problems, illness, or pregnancy, please consult your doctor for medical advice before visiting any Prime Skate Park.

Please take a moment to read and familiarise yourself with our Terms & Conditions, as these apply to all people using PRIME Skatepark. They can be found in several locations in the shop and park areas and change from time to time, and by signing into PRIME Skatepark, you acknowledge and understand the latest version of the T&Cs and accept them.
We may, at any time, and our sole discretion, modify these Terms and Conditions of Use and our Privacy Policy, with or without notice to the User. Users may be informed of such changes via email (if opted in), verbally on arrival to the premises or by a visible banner on the website and/or check-in system. Any such modification will be effective immediately. Your continued use of our Service and this Site following any such modification constitutes your acceptance of these Terms.

We would love to meet you for a free tour & introduction to Prime Plymouth!

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