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Four. D

Four. D 33 x 9" Griptape Sheet Laser Cut Logo - Pink

Four. D 33 x 9" Griptape Sheet Laser Cut Logo - Pink

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There’s a new challenger in the griptape world.

Hailing from the UK, Four.D stays grippier for longer – it doesn’t shred your shoes or thumbs as fast as other grips. It’s also perforated like some of our (lesser) rivals, so it goes on perfect every time.

It sticks to your board better and stays grippy for longer than most of the big brands, so don’t hesitate and give it a go and see what you think.

This griptape is perfect for street, vert, and freestyle use; it doesn’t wear out as fast as other griptapes, anchors your feet to the board when you need grip but breaks free when you need that perfect flick, and has a finer grit than many griptapes, so doesn’t shred your shoes – or your thumbs – as much.

Not only that, but the glue is far stronger than some American brands, meaning the grip doesn’t lift from the board or tear as much as some of their more popular rivals.

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