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Eagle Supply

Eagle Supply Wheel Hard Line 2 Layer Hollowtech Core Sewercaps 115 MM - Black / Grey

Eagle Supply Wheel Hard Line 2 Layer Hollowtech Core Sewercaps 115 MM - Black / Grey

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Our INVENTION and UNIQUE HOLLOWTECH Core with 2-layer (Dual Layer) Urethane wheels IN 115MM!!!

Available in Specific Laser Etched Logo cores. Made from a 6061 certified aluminium extrusion and machined to shape.

Hand poured in Holland with urethane according to our own developed formulas.

• Size: 115mm
• Width: 24mm
• Hardness: Sewercaps (Slightly harder than Panthers)
Unique 2-layer (Dual Layer) system as also our HOLLOWTECH CORES are often copied but never equalled!!

• Core: undersized Hollowtech Aluminium
• Bearings: Eagle Performance 608 RS
• Laser etched logo Core
• Available in Various Colours

The 2-Layer (Dual Layer) design with this “undersized” HOLLOWTECH core are both our UNIQUE designs and inventions that we started end last century!!! The advantage of the Dual Layer is that the wheels will get MORE rebound, MORE grip and MORE smoothness in riding.

Eagle Supply wheels are carefully handmade in the Netherlands, assuring high quality, performance and speed.
Our wheels have been designed for riders, from the feedback of other riders.
Eagle Supply are the #1 scooter wheels in the world, handmade in Holland, were we have been making them for over 20 years.

At Eagle Supply, we understand the science behind making the perfect urethane mixture specially for use on scooter wheels. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations.

Make sure you buy your Eagle Supply wheels from an authorized local dealer or distributor.
Ride confidence, ride with pride, ride the original, Eagle Supply.
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