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Dominator Cadet Complete Scooter - Green / Black

Dominator Cadet Complete Scooter - Green / Black

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The Dominator Cadet Complete Scooter is designed for kids who are new to the sport and want a slightly larger scooter. This new range is targeted at younger riders and offers bright colours and sleek designs, making it the perfect choice for beginner and advancing scooter enthusiasts.

  • Deck: Military Grade 6061 T6 Aluminium 482mm/18.9in long by 101mm/3.9in wide
  • Bars: Steel Bar 558mm/21.9 high by 457mm/17.9in wide
  • Grips: Soft Grip
  • Fork: Threaded Steel Fork, 110mm compatible
  • Wheels: 100mm Plastic Core Wheels
  • Clamp: Double clamp
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