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Creature - 8" - Logo Full Sk8 Complete Skateboard - Multi

Creature - 8" - Logo Full Sk8 Complete Skateboard - Multi

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Outline Logo Full Sk8 Complete Skateboard from Creature Skateboards.  Creature completes to accommodate any fiend that is drawn to the wicked appearance of our infamous Creature logo, no matter their skill level. The Creature 'Logo Tone' complete skateboard is made with Hard Rock Maple and has a medium concave. Each complete comes with Bullet 130 trucks, 52mm OJ Wheels, and Abec 3 bearings. 

Our Opinion:

We are often approached by parents concerned about spending a large amount of money on an absolute beginner skateboard for obvious reasons such as "Will my child remain interested" or "This could be a waste of money". Ultimately this is for you to decide but here's what we have to say about low-cost skateboards:

We test and approve our beginner boards to ensure they turn and have an appropriate speed to enable the beginner to learn.

These skateboards are suitable to learn on and perform tricks and maneuvers, but when the user is at the stage of doing tricks and maneuvers, they will dramatically know the difference between a low-cost skateboard (£30-£60) and a pro specification skateboard complete (setup) - usually £90 - £150. You can find very cheap skateboards for under £30, but we consider them to be inappropriate and very difficult to learn on as the trucks do not turn as necessary and the wheels are not fast enough, and in most cases made of dangerous materials that do not provide the necessary grip. Low-cost skateboards rarely get a beginner off to a fair start and will not assist progression and interest alike.

You usually find that skateboards priced from £90 are much faster and easier to learn, and the child feels that bit cooler when going to the local skatepark.

We often advise locals at Prime Skatepark to borrow our skateboards for as long as they like to gauge interest and save up the difference to buy a pro-spec skateboard.

But all this being said, any skateboard is better than no skateboard, and having your own will always be better for familiarity reasons.

Feel free to call us during our regular opening times.

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