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CORE Bar Ends Standard Size - Black

CORE Bar Ends Standard Size - Black

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CORE Bar Ends, an essential for any rider that has handlebars. When we set out to make a bar end, we didn't want to settle for a normal cheap plastic plug with a logo on it, these nasty looking bar ends flood the market. We chose to design our bar ends from the ground up.

Engineered to be solid and secure in your bars and prevent damage to the end of your expensive bars and of course yourself! Most skateparks won't allow you to ride without barends and for good reason, it's extremely dangerous - trust us we've seen far too many nasty injuries due to missing bar ends.

CORE Barends use our premium quality resin compound to ensure we have a great fit in all standard size bars. The stem on the bar end has a custom design two-tiered ribbed plug to ensure a secure and solid fit with your bars. We top this off with a nice robust plug on the end to ensures your bars and yourself will stay safe whilst riding.


  • Push in plug
  • Resin compound
  • Fits 13-19mm Internal Diameter Bars
  • One plug for each side of the bar
  • Can be easily cut to fit small diameter aluminium bar
  • CORE logo recessed into plug
  • Raised rim on the plug to keep your bars fresh
  • Available in a bunch of colours.
  • Sold is sets of 2.
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