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Chilli Scooters - Critter Octopus - Purple

Chilli Scooters - Critter Octopus - Purple

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The Critter by Chilli Scooters.

Critters are small creatures with extraordinary abilities -the most interesting inhabitants of planet Earth! They have served as inspiration for our new Chilli Pro Scooter CRITTER model. The CRITTER has the best technical features for stunts, tricks and flairs and impresses with three unique designs. The Hercules Beetle conveys the necessary power and strength to overcome riding limits. Finally, the wise Octopus impresses with its intelligence and is perfect for performance-mature riders who plan refined runs with professional strategic skills.

Height of scooter (once set up): 88cm.
Deck material: 6061 aluminium.
Length of deck: 50cm.
Width of deck: 11.5cm.
Bar material: Strengthened steel.
Height of bars: 64cm.
Width of bars: 58cm.
Fixed or adjustable bars: Fixed height.
Fork material: 6061 Aluminium.
Clamp: 2-bolt aluminum.
Wheel size: 110mm.
Bearings: ABEC 9.
Compression: ChilliSpider HIC.
Weight of scooter: 3.8kg.

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