Plymouth Skateboarding.

To us, it all started in the '90s. It was all Shell Toes, Puma States, Duffs Shoes, and the birth of DC Shoes. These trends have resurfaced again, with under 50mm wheels and big boy jeans making a comeback. Despite being chased by the police or savage gangs, we loved skating the streets. We were fortunate to have a couple of Rare Unit ramps at West Hoe Park, where we all gained some transition skills, influenced by all the H-Street videos, "Video Days" (1991) - Blind Skateboards, "Virtual Reality" (1993) - Plan B Skateboards. "Welcome to Hell" (1996) - Toy Machine and all the 411 Video Magazines from the start in '93.

Plymouth Rad Magazine


With no dedicated skate shop since Ollies in the Barbican Pannier market, we brought new suppliers and fresh brands to Plymouth via Steve Northmore Sports. Local media was produced by Simon Rogers 'Amateur Alcoholics' and Bobby Burdens 'Shavers', Martin Megans 'A Product of Our Surroundings' and Steve Holdings 'Cities of the World'.

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Nick Marker


Following the supply of fresh brands to Plymouth, we formed Flatspot as the next step towards providing a dedicated skate shop and before we knew it, we set up Plymouth's first indoor skatepark. Local videos were produced by Martin Meegan 'A Product of Our Surroundings' and Steve Holdings 'Cities Of The World'. Later on came 'Join the Army' and 'Greedy Markers'.

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