Collection: Element

For over 30 years, Element has been a driving force in the world of skateboarding, with a mission to create a positive path for the sport that is in tune with nature and culture. As a brand committed to being sustainable, eco-friendly, and responsible, Element has set its sights on becoming the world's leading sustainable skateboard brand.

At Element, the team is more than just skaters, they are advocates and ambassadors who embody the brand's values. With a mix of skaters from different generations, Element is ushering in a new era in skateboarding.

Element's purpose is to connect people, passions, and lifestyles through skateboarding while continuously searching for ways to create unique, enduring, and thoughtful products for those who experience the world in their way.

Discover more about Element's commitment to the planet and the community on their website and join the movement towards a more sustainable future.