Welcome to PRIME – Alex May | PRIME Sessions #04


We would like to welcome our newest addition to the PRIME skate team, Alex May! At only sixteen years of age Alex is now our youngest member of the team. Don’t let his age fool you, Alex has a deep bag of tricks and the confidence to take them to the streets and big obstacles. Alex’s motivation for improvement and clip stacking is what sets him apart from other riders in his age range. We have full faith in Alex and are exited to see his skills develop.

Take a look at the short edit shot by resident media producer Dom French. The park opened two hours early giving Dom and Alex the chance to get to work before anybody turned up. Expect to see a lot more content from Alex soon!

Alex also currently rides for Bigspin Skateboards; a board company based in Penzance, Cornwall. Dom and Alex are currently working on a full length street part to be released by Bigspin, so keep your eyes peeled. We stock Bigspin boards at the shop so come down and check them out!

23 Commercial Road | Coxside | Plymouth | Devon | PL4 0LE
(01752) 224 360

Alex in the streets filming for his Bigspin video part.

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