SMA - Natas Stencil Deck

SMA - Natas Stencil Deck

Our most recent nod towards Natas is his shaped deck from S.M.A.

Natas Kaupas Deck top

Everything you need to know is in Wikipedia about Natas, but from our perspective, and we're sure 'everyone else's perspective, Natas was one of the first true legends in Skateboarding from the early years- particularly from the '80s. All I wanted to do was get a Natas Panther deck and Ollie a bin! That was a hell of a challenge with the 2' nose, and not to mention it was almost entirely flat at the time! It's great to see up-to-date specs with an apparent reference to the legendary style of Natas Kaupas. 

Natas Deck with Grip

Check out the Natas Kaupas 'Stencil' Graphic by Santa Monica Airlines.
  • Size: 9.5"
  • Nose: 6"
  • Wheelbase: 16"
  • Tail: 6.25"

The deck gets shipped with a free sheet of Grip, as pictured. You can check out many nostalgic posts on their Instagram, but for now, you should at least reminisce over this classic section in the Santa Cruz video 'Streets of Fire' (1989). It'll likely put a few shivers down some older spines with the classic fIREHOSE intro track 'Windmilling' and The Decendents  'Coolidge".

If you're feeling it - go back further to his section in the Santa Cruz 'Wheels of Fire' video! (1987). Music - Pickpocket Man and Leave Me All Alone, by Eight Dayz.
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