Sketchy Tank at Prime Delux Store Plymouth

Sketchy Tank

New arrivals from Mob Grip and OJ wheels with the distinct workings of @sketchy_tank

Sketchy Tank at Prime Delux Store Plymouth
Sketchy Tank is an artist based in San Diego, CA, specialising in black and white pen and ink art using heavy stippling techniques. His unique designs are known for their edginess and can be seen on t-shirts, skateboards, and numerous gallery shows. He sells his work through his online shop, Lurking Class. Sketchy Tank has been passionate about his darkly humorous art since his early years. Even in third grade, he was often caught drawing skulls and other provocative images. The artist prefers to keep his identity a mystery, but his impressive work and the growing popularity of his skate/snow fashion brand are no secret. What started as a folder of controversial images on a computer has now become a well-known brand that encourages people to embrace their inner sketchiness. Sketchy Tank's grungy style challenges conventional norms and resonates with skaters and snowboarders worldwide.

The product

Mob 33 x 9" Trippy Tanks Spider Griptape Sheet - Black
Mob 33 x 9" Trippy Tanks Scorpion Griptape Sheet - Black
OJ - 54mm - 87a Creature x Trippy Tanks Keyframe Wheels - Black
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