Skateshop Day 2024

Skateshop Day 2024

We're proud to announce our participation in this years Skateshop Day event here at Prime Plymouth. We extend gratitude to our loyal customers and friends for the 15 years of support.

What's happening?

In store raffle for a donated one off misprint Lance Deck - all proceeds go to the skatepark charity.

The products will be on the table (while stocks last) in store all day on Saturday, so come and say hi, have a skate and/or celebrate with a beer or two throughout the day and evening. We'll be playing various DLX videos on loop all day in the barn, with a couple pop up challenges during the day.


Limited releases:

Mark Gonzales' LTD Shop Keeper Decks (as above): These decks come in three different sizes (8, 8.25, and 8.5) with unique art variations per size on assorted veneers. They also come with a support for your local MG Bird sticker.

REAL ISHOD Good Dog Decks: We have two limited versions with an oversized silver sticker.

  • V1: 8.25 True-Fit, Double Lacquered, gloss bal bottom, and tops, sandwiched full spray red rails, raised ink - Limit 3 per Shop.
  • Rare V2: 8.5, Hand Numbered, Gold Foil bottom, White top, sandwiched black full spray rails, raised ink - Limit 1 per shop.

Ishod Skateshop Day Release Deck at Prime Delux Store Plymouth

REAL JIMMY WILKINS Sun Lizard Sugarcane Deck: This deck is 8.5 and comes with Sugarcane rails that blend into wheel wells, snakeskin bottom emboss, custom veneer layup, and original art by Chris Miller. Limit 4 per shop.

Jimmy Wilking Skateshop Day Release at Prime Delux Store Plymouth

Grimple Stix Lance Mountain Guest Decks: We have two versions of these decks.

  • V1: Original 9.83 Lance shape, assorted veneers - Only 4 available.
  • Rare V2: Hand-numbered top, Blond Veneer bottoms, Original 9.83 Lance shape - Limit 1 per shop.
Lance Mountain Skateshop Day Guest Board 2024

THERE ILYSM Jerry Hsu Guest Deck: These decks are available in two shapes, 8.25 and 8.5 Tru-Fit, and come with a custom sticker. Limit 5 per shop.

Jerry Hsu There Skateboards Skateshop Day Release 2024

Krooked Colour My Friends Decks: These decks are shipped in black bags.

Prime Delux Store Skateshop Day 2024

  • V1: No two are exactly the same/Splatter background colours, Glow-In The Dark Friends, 9.85 Sweatpants shape, 2024 SSD top art - Limit 4 per shop.
  • Rare V2: Hand-numbered tops, Assorted Holographic foil Background, Glow in the dark Friends, 9.85 Sweatpants shape, 2024 SD top art - Limit 1 per shop.

Skateshop Day 2024 at Prime Plymouth

View all skateshop day products here on the 17th of February 2024 at 00:00 (Start of day).

Special Thanks:

Special thanks to DLX SF, for the rare products that will be available in limited quantity online from 00:00 am on Saturday (start of day) or in-store from 9:00 am, on the 17th of February.



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