Script Logo Popsicle² Shape

Script Logo Popsicle² Shape

Introducing the new Popsicle² shaped skateboard deck with a classic graphic from Death Skateboards - a trusted UK-based skateboard company since 1998. The Script graphic deck features a highly demanded squarer nose and tail and is available in black/white in sizes 8", 8.25", 8.375", 8.5", and 8.625". It's also available in black/pink in sizes 7.75", 8.25", 8.375", and 8.5". 

Death Script Deck Black/White

Priced at just £44.95, this skateboard deck is not only affordable but also highly reliable. You won't find such quality from any other true skater-owned company. The deck is available now both in-store and online.

Script Logo Popsicle² Shape Decks by Death Skateboards

About Death Skateboards

Death Skateboards was started in London in 1998. We are skater owned and run.
The name is in reference to the fact that mainstream media proclaimed that skateboarding was ‘Dead’ at the end of the 1970’s. We follow our own direction, not trends or fashion.
Death was not created to please everyone. But it was created to have longevity and exist whether skateboarding remains popular or not.
The Death team are not supposed to be ‘the best’, instead each rider has something about them which really captures the essence of skateboarding to me.
We take pride in making the highest quality products, but selling them at a fair price.
Nick Zorlac
Founder of Death Skateboards.

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