Prime Sessions Edit #03 | End of Summer Competition


Summer is drawing to an end so we decided to go out with a bang. On Saturday 3rd of September we hosted an event which included everything a memorable skate session needs! We had burgers, competitions, plenty of giveaways, a live DJ, and most importantly lots of happy shredders of all ages!

View a small piece of the action captured in the video above. Notable riders and prize winners include; Aaron Jago, Alex May, Ash Dixon, Charlie Reeley, Connor Kelly, Daryl Partington, Elliot Jago, George Timony, Luke Bourne, Reece Douglas, Stefani Nurding, and plenty more!

Over the day we held a total of four competitions; best trick down the ledge, best rail or hubba trick, best quarter-pipe trick, and best mini ramp run. Each comp had first, second, and third place prizes, plus extras! In total we gave away six skateboards, three Thrasher hats, three Thrasher T-shirts, and two sets of Birdhouse wheels!

Big thanks to; Shiner Distribution for making our giveaways possible, Josh Snow for commanding the megaphone, Glen Brooks and George Timony for judging the contests, all the staff for their effort in organizing an action packed event, everyone who came and watched or took part, and everyone who made the day what it was! We shall see you all at the next one!

Video and written content by Dominic French (w/ additional filming from Nick Marker)
Photography by Lucien Harris

Aaron Jago

Happy MC

Ash Dixon FS Noseblunt

Start ’em young

Aaron Jago Bigspin FS Board

Ash Dixon Kickflip FS Board

Alex May FS Kickflip

Daryl Partington Nollie Late Kickflip

Below are some phone snaps from Nick Marker

Pull the tune back selecta’

Mini shredders

Big shredders

Best view in the house.

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