PRIME Sessions #11 | Connor Kelly

prime sessions #11 | connor kelly


Resident shredder Connor Kelly filmed a short session at the park and came away with some powerful clips. Connor has a smooth style, plenty of unique transition tricks, and flip tricks that are guaranteed to give you a letter in SKATE. Connor has done a lot to help the park throughout the years, whether it’s carrying wood and assisting in building, or being the hype man commanding the mega phone at some of our skate contests, Connor always seems to have our back. Everybody at the park loves having Connor around, he’s a super genuine person and is always there to defend people when they need it.

We would have liked for Connor to have been able to add clips to this edit but unfortunately he is currently recovering from a leg injury. Everybody at PRIME wishes him a speedy recovery and can’t wait to see him ripping around again. Expect to see part two to this edit in the coming months.

Connor Kelly – @smoke_it_with_a_roach_mate
Video + Article: Dom French – @domfrench
Photography: Tom Frankham – @frankhammer_

Hand down FS rock | RIP the old mini ramp

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