Marc Churchill Guest Pro Deck by Forty Skateboards

Marc Churchill Guest Pro Deck by Forty Skateboards

Marc Churchill has represented the UK skateboarding scene since he was a kid and has been all over European skate mags, which featured him frequently. He's presented a BAFTA-nominated TV show for Channel 5 called RAD and starred in various TV ads, alongside work with MTV, and he's recently worked for the BBC Grandstand at the European X-Games.

With support from major brands, he was able to travel the world, shooting ads for VANS and filming video sections for sponsors.

He is the main announcer for the WORLD SKATE Tour on the road to the Paris 2024 Olympics. He has been working as an announcer and host on live productions for Redbull, Vans, Volcom, NASS, and Boardmasters festivals, Madrid Urban Sports, and Extreme Barcelona events, among others, for almost a decade. Additionally, he is one of the announcers for BBC's coverage of Olympic Skateboarding.

Marc's feedback:

When Forty asked me to have a pro board, I immediately thought of French for the graphic. He's a world-renowned artist who's worked for all of the world's biggest brands, and it is an honour to have something drawn by him. I gave him an outline of what I thought would work, and he took it to the next level. The inspiration for the board is that despite all of my injuries from skating, car crashes, etc. Despite all the commitments that being over forty brings, I'm still here getting it done. I still enjoy skateboarding and hope that inspires others to keep skating in their 40s!

Marc Churchill Pro Guest Deck

Essentially, if you're looking for an event host, it would be Marc; If you're looking for a new deck, it's one of these.



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