Scooter Sessions #01 | Dominator Comp

Scooter Sessions #01 | Dominator Comp

On Tuesday April 11th 2017, we held a scooter competition hosted by Dominator Scooters. The event was open to riders of all ages and was held during our 12 – 4pm session. Unlike our other competitions this one had a rather special first place prize for the competitors. The rider who consistently stuck out the most throughout the day was going to get the chance to become Dominator Scooters newest sponsored rider.

The comp consisted of several small jams across various obstacles. The riders were showcasing their skills on the step-up, flat bar, quarterpipe, and mini ramp. Topping off these jam sessions was a highest air comp out of the step-up where the highest flyers got to win some scooter hardware. As well as these small jams there was also a Dominator product toss of stickers and apparel, and a Dominator team demo.

At the end of the event Dominator had come to a decision on their first place sponsorship prize. Local rider Henry Stapleton was competently able to showcase his consistency and trick selection, and seemed to have made a good impression on the Dominator team. Because of this Henry was awarded the sponsorship and was kitted out with a bunch of brand new Dominator equipment and apparel.

Since the comp Henry has filmed a welcome to Dominator video which can be viewed below. To find out more information on Dominator head over to their website or follow them on social media.

We’d like to thank all the happy riders who attended the event and everyone who made the day what it was. Thank you to everyone at Dominator Scooters for hosting the event. We hope to see everyone again at the next one!

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Henry Stapleton – @henryy_grif
Video & Article: Dom French – @domfrench –
Welcome to Dominator – KyranNoallMedia

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