R.A.D Mag Plymouth 1993

R.A.D Mag Plymouth 1993

This was a strong era where skateboarding developed in and around the Civic. This was when the Element brand was known as Underworld Element and key brands were Zero Sophisto, Fresh Jive, and New Deal was a UK distributor. We brought all these and more to where I worked at a sports shop in Frankfort Gate called 'Steve Northmore Sports'. My clothing was my own brand called 'Civic Hardwear'. This was when Paul Duffy took a bunch of pics of all the Civic crew, including myself, Rob Bannister, Mike Nyland, Paul Schillings, Nick Adams & Little Chris. My negative was produced the wrong way around - it was switch haha.

Prime Delux RAD June 93 Plymouth Nick Adams



Little Chris and Paul Shillings


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