Indoor Skatepark Plans 1997

Indoor Skatepark Plans 1997



This was at a time when we moved the shop to Citadel Ope, The Barbican, Plymouth – right opposite Harbour Sports. My memories involve hot weather, wicker chairs and a fan running outside to keep us cool, along with consistent “heavy” refreshments followed by an evening of skateboarding and more fun times. This is the era of 411 video Magazines and releases such as the Toy Machine “Welcome To Hell” video.

It was still a time for baggy clothes. We hardly stocked anything smaller than “XL” at the time. The smaller you were, the better you looked in an extra-large T-Shirt. Salman Agah Vans come to mind with Sheep shoes coming and going. Civic Clothing was a good one with a few logos from Nick Adams. Civic clothing was the original bedroom brand of Nick Marker, supported by the scene/friends since 89. This followed Stump Clothing via Steve Nothmore Sports – Plymouth's key to skate products from the likes of “Airwalk”, “New Deal”, and “Underworld Element” etc.


Prime Delux Herald April 04th 1997




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