UPSU MGA Session

UPSU MGA Session

UPSU MGA Session

The UPSU MGA Session / Motivate Generate Activate Events happened today which consisted of a girls only session. The facility has gained fantastic momentum from female skateboarders that are all going from strength to strength.

Helen Macintosh – Mother of two;

“I Can’t believe how quickly and safely you can learn to skate with the right advice” and “I really should not have been so nervous to come here”.

This was Helens 1st attempt at skateboarding and had a great time with our instructor Ash Parker. Helen was a real sport and can now pass on the advice to her children and friends.

Above: Helen Macintosh, Joseph Brearly (MGA Project) and Prime Instructor “Ash Parker”.

There are already feature sessions that are all focussed on fun tuition.

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this page to anyone you know that would like to skate, but think they cant even stand on a board!

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