Street Sessions #3 | Halloween Hammers XI (2017)

Street Sessions #3 | Halloween Hammers XI (2017)

The team and local ghouls have gone mad in the streets once again for Plymouth’s historic annual skate jam. Our resident filmer Dom French was there to capture all of the funniest shenanigans, gnarliest tricks, and heaviest celebrations! Mega props to all the local shredders, everyone who dressed up, and everyone who supported the event!

Congratulations to Steve Attfield for earning his right to be the eleventh name engraved upon the golden Halloween Hammers trophy!
Other MVP’s / Clip Stackers:
Max Kraushaar | Ash Dixon | Josh Snow | Jordan Everett | Jay Cornish | Reece Douglas | Luke Taylor | Marcus Beer | Jon Owen | Lucien Harris | Pete Hearn | Glen Brooks | Connor Kelly | Josh Parrett | Liam Alaxander | Harry King | Kez Dearmer

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2008 – Kristien Harris
2009 – Reece Douglas
2010 – Kristien Harris
2011 – Calvin Thomas
2012 – The Police?
2013 – Ben Higgins
2014 – Harry King
2015 – Callum Lane
2016 – Ash Dixon
2017- Steve Attfield

Our prize pool for the evening!

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Graphics & videography: Dom French @domfrench –
Event photography: Ollie Howe – @olliehowe –
23 Commercial Road | Coxside | Plymouth | Devon | PL4 0LE
(01752) 224 360

Reece Douglas Wallie

Jay Cornish 360 Flip

Max Kraushaar FS Flip

Reece Douglas Wall Ride

Max Kraushaar Half Cab Firecracker

Luke Taylor Wallie

Marcus Beer Kickflip Fakie

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