Prime Update 2016

Prime Update 2016


What we have been up to…

There’s been a lot going on at Prime over the last few weeks. We’ve been INCREDIBLY BUSY focusing on our team and also tidying up our home ground.


Supportive People
Whats Next…
  • Events
  • Media
  • Tuition
  • New Builds
  • Inject new ramps using local and team input.



You will soon see a packed events calendar to give our community something to always be looking forward to. These events will be built with the help of the companies supporting us and we will be promoting them in a big way though our archives and networks.

We are now a FULLY EQUIPT EVENTS VENUE and will be hosting a whole range of events from Skatepark Competitions, Live Music Gigs, BBQs, Featured Sessions and much more…


Our focus is to capture and create media that is for everyone’s viewing and will span all ranges of interests. We aim to keep things varied and exciting and are already covering our Local Prime Team, creating Product Reviews, releasing Video Edits on Featured Sessions and Events, Interviewing core members of the Skate Industry past and present and we are starting to build a Plymouth Skate History Archive. This archive is with the view to creating a digital and hardcopy book. We are also looking to include related music and art categories and whatever else come our way!



Coming up for the tuition side of things is a new certified skateboarding course available at Prime Skatepark. The course will include 3 levels covering all aspects of skating, from the general points, how to practice safely and how to further improve your skateboarding abilities. This will be available though our Skate Clubs, School Hires and Private Hire Sessions.

New Builds

We’ve got some big plans for Prime Skatepark. We’re continually looking at ways to improve the park and creating fun objects for featured sessions and events. You can expect to see regular concept designs being published over social media where we will hold a voting system to see what the majority would like us to build next.

Our Focus

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