Prime Sessions Edit #02 | Daryl Partington 2016

Prime Sessions Edit #02 | Daryl Partington 2016

Prime Delux and Wight Trash team rider Daryl Partington stopped by the skatepark and made the hard tricks look easy once again, and we were there to capture some of the magic!

Daryl is one of the team riders we see the least as he lives outside of Plymouth. However, when he does swing by he always proves why he is part the squad. Whether he’s going big or being technical he’s always bringing new tricks to the table. It’s great to watch his bottomless bag of maneuvers unfold in front of your very eyes!

As well as being a machine on a skateboard he also brings interesting conversation and is great to just have hanging around. Everyone should look forward to seeing more skate content from Daryl and Prime in the near future. 

Video & written content by Dominic French.
Photography by Lucien Harris.


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