Old Man Monday W20

Old Man Monday W20

Old Man Monday W20 had a guest called “Dan Joyce”. Dan brings back some memories and still has fun ideas. The evening was smashing. Joe Trethewey showed up among regulars.

Happy Birthday Barry
New recruit Barry Peters slashed around last night before he turned 50 today. We thought we should let him have it!

An Interview with Dan Joyce
Not much to say here – the vid does it all…

Question Time
Q: What’s the combined age at Old Man Mondays we hear you ask?
A: Luke Young pulls out his knowledge and confirms 454 years amongst us. Not including the sensible oldies that were probably moaning at home in the bath!

More knowledge
This is outstanding research from the Luke quarters. An average age of just over 37 and three quarter years old!

Ok gentlemen – that concludes a banging Old man Monday session. The BBC will be kicking themselves they missed this one!

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