New Block Combo 2016

New Block Combo 2016

Block Combo

Now that the Hip has been built, we’ve got the taste for improvements and focussed on the other end of the park to build a new Block Combo. We’ve been on it today since 7am to make sure we can have this good to session by tonight! To break the new addition in, we’re holding a competition with a 1 Weeks Free Entry Pass up for grabs. Details below.

About The Block Combo

The double coping is at a width that allows an easy board slide which is purposely at a height to offer truck and wheel clearance from the spined bank behind it, yet close enough to rock over in to the banks. We should see some interesting combo tricks along with some gnarly moves over the low pad.

Thoughts On The Hip

Everyone has only said great things about the recent Hip addition in the park. We’d love to know what you think:

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