Halloween Hammers Skate Jam 10th Anniversary - 2016

Halloween Hammers Skate Jam 10th Anniversary - 2016

It’s become tradition for the local Plymouth skateboarders to hold an unsanctioned Halloween skate jam. This year marked it’s tenth anniversary. Check out the mayhem filled edit by Dominic French featuring tons of prize giveaways, crazy costumes, shenanigans, and most importantly great skateboarding. It’s a long one, so set aside twenty minuets, put it on HD, and prepare to feast your eyes upon the 2016 Halloween Hammers skate jam. Massive thank you to Shiner Distribution for supplying the Creature & Mini Logo products. There were lots of happy faces and the organizers felt honored to be able to put on such an event. Everyone involved was undoubtedly super appreciative and grateful.

Pictured below is 90% of the awesome prize pot. In total there were three boards, a T-shirt, wheels, bearings, board rails, wax, bolts, and plenty of stickers, beers, and sweets! On top of all that, one rider chosen by previous winners gets the privilege of walking away with the coveted Halloween Hammer trophy. The name of each winner gets engraved into a golden plaque which then gets fused to the trophy. The winner is granted the right to keep the trophy until next years Halloween jam.

The jam started at Central Park skatepark on the evening of Halloween. There were multiple prize giveaways including a board, T-shirt, and plenty of small prizes for great spirit and skate tricks. The jam then made it’s way into town for hill bombs, street spots, a death race, and a hearty civic session, with prizes being handed out at every point along the way. As the night went on the herd started to thin but the dedicated still remained. The group continued to skate and celebrate until about midnight when the final prizes were given out and Ash Dixon became the tenth rider to be awarded the golden Halloween Hammer trophy. Overall it was a great festive skate jam and we can’t wait until next year!

Shout out to everybody who came, dressed up, skated, watched, shouted, laughed, and made the event what it was; Lucien Harris, Derek Beer, Jon Owen, Reece Douglas, Dom French, Pete Hern, Josh Snow, Matthew Beer, Marcus Beer, Ross Duerden, Declan McCorry, Glen Brooks, Ash Dixon, Joe Norton, Loz Brophy, Josh Wood, Connor Kelly, Jordan Everett, Charlie Reeley, Kez Dearmer, Mo Faraj, Harry King, Ryan Salter, Tyler Cussen, Ben Higgins, Omar Abou-Bou, and MANY more.

History Lessons
2007 – Derek Beer
2008 – Kristien Harris
2009 – Reece Douglas
2010 – Kristien Harris
2011 – Calvin Thomas
2012 – The Police?
2013 – Ben Higgins
2014 – Harry King
2015 – Callum Lane
2016 – Ash Dixon


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