Flexible Space - Step 3

Flexible Space - Step 3

Prime Skatepark Work In Progress

Yesterday, we started neutralising the surroundings to enhance clarity in future media. This will be ongoing to brighten up the park and keep it fresh.

Painting Prime Skatepark with Volunteers

Part of the flexible space project is to free up areas to be adaptable/portable to the skaters needs and to enable incoming featured obstacles and various featured installs.

Prime Skatepark Plymouth Progress 2023

Volunteer at Prime Skatepark Plymouth

Prime Skatepark Plymouth Progress

Slappy Curbs at Prime Skatepark Plymouth

The two former road barriers should make an excellent type of slappy curb. They still need welding and fixing, but we'll let them find their place before we give them a final paint. Slappy Curbs at Prime Skateboard Park Plymouth

Prime Skatepark Work In Progress

Here's how you could get involved.



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