Flexible space project - Step 2

Flexible space project - Step 2

Our vision is to make the main street section of our skatepark more flexible and adaptable to the needs and abilities of its users. Today's efforts are another step towards achieving this goal. We'll be working closely with our community and committee to bring frequent updates and installations that keep the park exciting and fresh for everyone. Our aim is to create a customised skatepark that provides a fun and enjoyable experience for all categories of user and their abilities.

Skatepark improvements at Prime Skatepark

During our observation today, we focused on the Driveway and Anchor Bank section. We noticed that the Driveway was not being used for tricks, but rather as an obstacle to pass through to reach the next ramp. In fact, less than 20% of users used it for tricks. Therefore, we suggest that we replace the Driveway with a portable and adjustable alternative that can accommodate the needs of the remaining 20% of users who use it for tricks.

Skatepark adjustments at Prime Skatepark

As for the Anchor Bank, we noted this was used occasionally as a ramp to only turn on and very few users were actually using the lip for tricks, so we thought we would adjust the height to try over the next few weeks before considering an alternative.

Adjusting the Anchor Bank at Prime Skatepark

The Anchor Bank is now half its previous height, making it more accessible and moveable.

Anchor Bank Adjustments at Prime Skatepark Plymouth

We are looking forward to moving the ramps around over the next couple of weeks.

We've made space at Prime Skatepark Plymouth

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