Ace Trucks - Open Return Premiere

Ace Trucks - Open Return Premiere

Ace Trucks Open Return Premiere at Prime Delux Store Plymouth

Check out the Lucien Parsons 'Open Return' Premiering this Wednesday, the 20th, at 19:00 in the Barn before our weekly skateboard-only session.

Thanks to the guys at Rock Solid and Ace Trucks, the pre Skate Night premiere of the "Open Return" video by 'Lucien Parsons' totally hyped our locals. Everyone was fixed to the screen and the unprompted clap from everyone at the end is what you want to hear. Thanks again to all involved and for being a part of what we do.

Social Space Event Venue at Prime Skatepark Plymouth

Premier at Prime Skatepark Cafe and Social Space

Event Hire at Prime Skatepark Plymouth

Plymouth Skateboard Locals at Prime Skatepark Plymouth

Crowds at the Ace Trucks premiere at Prime Skatepark Cafe and Social Space

Prime Delux Store Plymouth Skateboarding Ace Trucks Premiere

Skate Night at Prime Skatepark Plymouth

Skate Night at prime Skatepark Plymouth

Thanks for coming. 

UK Ace Trucks Team;
Mike Arnold, Harry Lintell, Jamie Platt, Dead Dave, Charlie Birch, Bear Myles, Ben Boyd, Twiggy Matlock, Ashura Parchment, Jay Lentern, Henry Gibbs, Jord Light, Chris Pullman, Atlantic Johnson, Zach Riley, Theo Fearon, Billy Trick, Alice Smith, Frances Peters, Zeta Rush, Grace Perry, Beth Howells, Amy Ram, Cam Barr, Albie Edmonds, Will Sheerin, Jordan Thackery, Zach Smith, Darrel Dominguez, Mikey Patrick, Jarred Carlin, Glenn Fox. 

U.S Ace Trucks Team;
Casper Brooker, Ville Wester, Leo Baker, Mike Arnold, Sage Elsesser
Kevin Rodrigues, Didrik "Deedz" Galasso, Brian Anderson, Ryan Thompson, Ibu Sanyang, John Cardiel, Kikuchi Taisei, Taylor Kirby, Jamie Platt, Shogo Zama, Max Taylor, Julien Stranger, Jost Arens, Kenny Kopf, Chris Pastras, Remy Taveira, Jake Reuter, Neil Blender, Lee Ralph, Shin Sanbongi, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Ronnie Sandoval, Nick Boserio, Maite Steenhoudt, Max Palmer, Brian Delatorre, Brad Mcclain, Jack O’grady, Harry Lintell, Trey Wade, Jacopo Carozzi, Eli Reed, Tom Remillard, Alex Olson, Anakin Senn, Vinnie Banh, Evan Mock, Gou Miyagi, Jason Adams, Matt Rodriguez, Shota Kubo, Jesse Alba, Terrell Newell.

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