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Dominator Mini Team Edition Complete Scooter - Green Chrome

Dominator Mini Team Edition Complete Scooter - Green Chrome

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This is the exact model that the Dominator Pro Team are riding and is suitable for advanced and pro level riding ability. Kitted out with District components which include wheels, forks and grips - you won't find a better value for money high-end complete scooter on the market. High grade military, 6061 heat treated aluminium handlebars and deck mean that this complete can withstand all of the demands of a top level rider.


  • DECK: Military Grade 6061 T6 Aluminium 445mm/17.5in long by 120mm/4.7in wide. (Max wheel width 28mm)
  • BARS: Military Grade 6061 T6 Aluminium Bar 585mm/23in high by 550mm/22in wide
  • GRIPS: Soft Rubber Compound by District
  • FORK: Mini HIC Threadless Alloy Fork by District (Max wheel width 28mm)
  • WHEELS: 110mm with Alloy Core (28mm wide) Wheels by District
  • CLAMP: Double clamp with M6 steel bolts grade 8 steel
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