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Prime Delux

Prime Delux Geddon Sticker Large - Assorted

Prime Delux Geddon Sticker Large - Assorted

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Geddon Sticker by Prime Delux. 

'Geddon' is a popular saying, used as a form of greeting or encouragement. Often accompanied by 'bey'.

'Geddon' is a kind of local slang for "how's it going" or 'well done'/'Nice one' and so on. So if you buy one of these stickers, we would say 'Geddon'! Buy more than one and we would say it like this: 'Geeeeedddoooonnnn'!

We ran this logo since late 2013 which was used with a voice-over in our guest "Geddon" Video edits. See more here.

  • Printed Vinyl Sticker.
  • Clear Background.
  • 140 X 105mm.
  • Geddon.
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