Prime Sessions Edit #01 | Damn Hippies!

There’s a new build at the park, and it comes in the form of a wooden structure that looks remarkably similar to a stealth bomber, It’s a hip! The Prime Delux team riders and locals have put the obstacle through some rigorous testing sessions, and with great results! Check out the video of some of the best tricks that have been thrown down on film up until now!

Riders: Chris Lorne, Dan Wakeham, Dom French, Ethan ‘Baz’ Marker, Josh Snow, Lucien Harris, Matt Beer & Sam Jefferis.

The first couple sessions on the new hip happened before the paint was laid on. Once painted it was varnish with a grippy matt finish. It’s fresh, looking great, and a pleasure to see being put to good use. And remember, if you’ve ever dreamed of doing a trick over the cockpit of a stealth bomber, we’ve got you covered!

There has been an ample amount of good feedback from the riders so come down, see it for yourselves, and try to get some tricks that haven’t been done over it yet!

Video & written content by Dominic French. (w/ additional filming from Lucien Harris)
Photography by Lucien Harris. (w/ additional imagery from Dan Wakeham)

Check out more great content from Dom, Lucien, and the whole Prime Delux team via the links at the bottom of the page.

Dom French FS Flip Hip

Dom French Frontisde Kickflip

Lucien Harris Ollie Hip

Lucien Harris Ollie. Photo by Dan Wakeham