Prime Established 2008







The doors opened on the 14th October 2008. There was a gap in the market and the skateboard industry is in our blood. 
It was so hard to think up a name. Somehow we ended up with Prime Skateboarding – known as Prime.

Our background has always been 100% skateboarding, so that was why we used the word "Skateboarding" within the name. We were hesitant at first with the name "Prime" also being an old skateboard company and worried there might be some critical opinions. Whatever, it's a good name and related to how we wanted to be recognised within the industry. The name seemed quite mighty – so we brought it home with a capital “i” in a child crayon type font. We also created a bold font name logo called "Prime O.G Logo" which carries the same letter "M" as was used in our previous skatepark "The Domain".

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We wanted to carry some history forward which has been the most recognised branding associated with Prime to this day.