Nihil Photography Exhibition

Nihil is a collaborative exhibition that highlights many aspects of our lives through sentimentality, loss and connection. The work being shown by five photographers present a distinct representation of the variation of our viewpoint of the world.

Nihil Photography Exhibition
Nihil Photography Exhibition
Nihil Photography Exhibition
Nihil Photography Exhibition


Lucy Pike

“The Domestic Space is what we spend a majority of our time in, yet we do not think about it. My body of work is about peoples interaction with the domestic space and the objects within it.”

Brett Lockwood

“Exploring the theory of Dérive, The Art of Wondering, I completely submerse myself in nature, disconnecting myself from society, losing all sense of being as I merge myself with the forces of nature.”

Edyta Linnane

“My work is contemplation of human existence and a search for who we are. It seeks to stress what connects us, what flows between us joining our inner private worlds with our external expression of feelings. It challenges the incommensurability of the exchange between inside and outside, between feelings and their phenomenological expression.”

Nathan Kavanagh

“I’ve perused an investigation of merging second hand film slides together taken in different places and times of the world. In my work I created abstract compositions and interesting juxtapositions.”

Maciej Krzyminski

“Once beginning my project, I photographed female models based on a theme of absurdity. Although, gradually I found out they all pose as if they were an object, a mannequin. So I began to shoot with a mannequin, wielding the argument of whether we need human models in the conventions of my genre. As I shot more with “her” a connection formed and I coined the name Sophie.”