BBC Spotlight Breaking News


BBC Spotlight Breaking News

When we started skateboarding, there was no real skateboarders much past mid 30s – because skateboarding hadn’t been around that long, so it wasn’t really considered acceptable, BUT ACTUALLY skateboarding has proven it is here to stay and all of the original skateboarders have realised from the original idols that it is always possible to skate. It just depends how hard you want to push it. Regardless it’s still fun to have a roll around in the right environment and you’ll find a really fun relaxed atmosphere with absolutely no pretentious attitude in sight “Every Monday Night at Prime Skatepark”.

And there’s a bonus pub over the road!

Heads Up…

Prime Breaking News Square

BBC Spotlight Are On Us – Old Man Mondays is getting some attention now. Rumour has it BBC Spotlight will be attending this Monday night to cover the fun session – “unless theres something important for them to cover”! Like a cat stuck up in a tree or something. Anyway, its great to get some attention and the positive vibes broadcasted far and wide. Be sure to have a clean shave – slip on your smoking jacket and sneak over this Monday for a civilised gentlemens evening with the BBC.

Old Man Mondays are a weekly session for the older generation. Most of the guys have either been focussing on having kids or just want to relive the golden years. Now skateboarding is more acceptable, we have noticed a great interest in older “absolute beginners”. This is fine at Prime Skatepark and everyone here is there to have a laugh and help. It’s a social night with gentlemen that seem to have a unique sense of humour.

Come and see for yourself 

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