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New Ledge Test

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Ledge Session

So we had a bit of a ledge jam at Prime Skatepark. The weather was a total mess, but the few that came to the slaughter gave this thing a royal seeing to. Ash Dixon was in earlier and started with FS nose slide 270 shuv after a couple goes, but had to go home (wink wink).

 Daryl Partington Killed it with a fast solid FS Blunt after a ton of easy Ks.

12301573_457800564425557_827339519645838582_nNoseblunts are on the cards Daryl! Too close for comfort.

Glen casually threw down a better than perfect nose grind or two and floated off.


 Jordan hit the ledge like a trooper with a few bits and pieces including flip 50 and the Ks, then slashed out a ton of solid smiths every go.New Ledge Prime Delux Online

 Until…… the pop shut 50 to arm slice.

New Ledge Prime Delux Online

Next day Ash was back to fly across half the park…